Easily Communicate with Project Stakeholders

Microsoft® Project doesn’t provide you with the functionality that you need to communicate with your project Stakeholders. You can’t email your stakeholders from the within the tool to let them know that they are behind on a task, or that they need to update you on their progress without adding on much more expensive software.

iNFORM corrects this by giving you the tools that you need to communicate with your stakeholders directly via email and other methods, allowing you to keep your project team, sponsor, and other stakeholders up to date regarding items in the project schedule, logs, requirement verification matrix, and risk register.

Simplify Communication with your Stakeholders

Email information about a project log item along with a customized message from any of your logs (Risk Register, Issue Log, Change Log, Key Decision Log, Requirements Traceability Matrix, and Action Item List) to the item Owner or another Stakeholder.

Select Which Data You Share

Customize which data you share with your stakeholders by selecting which metrics and information your want to share for Requirements, Risks, and Logs.

Export Logs for Easy Distribution

Export your logs to Microsoft Excel, PDF, or CSV formats for easy dissemination to your project team or stakeholders. You can also include your exported logs in emails to your stakeholders from within Microsoft Project.

Apply for Your Spot in Our Beta Test

Get early access and help us to make iNFORM for Microsoft® Project even better! We are looking for a few Project Managers and Schedulers to take part in our Beta Test program, and help us by test-driving early releases.

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