Manage Project Logs Inside of Microsoft® Project

Now there is no need to access other files or cloud applications to manage your project data. Access your project Requirements, Schedule, Risks, Issues, Changes, Action Items, and Key Decisions from inside of Microsoft Project, and store all of your data natively inside of your Microsoft Project file.

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Now you can keep all of the information about your project in one place, and maintain a single source of truth for your project data.

Project Data Stays in Your File, Not the Cloud

Because all of your information is saved inside of your native Microsoft® Project file, you can work with it any time you open the Project file. There is no need for internet or cloud access, so it is perfect for use in a closed data environment, SCIF or where access is minimal, such as on an airplane.

Easily Import Your Data from Existing Logs

Inform doesn’t just help you to keep your project data in one place, it also helps you to import it. Import an entire Log or individual Log items in a number of formats, including Excel, CSV and XML.

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